3D Maps giving me "Elevation.grd missing" error

This error will show up in the 3D Maps window under Maps and Files, and SWAT CAM.

In order for the 3D maps window to work, you must have a lidar or elevation grid file in the MobileApp folder. You can do this by copying and pasting the 3 key files (.grd, .gdw, .COL_TAB) into the MobileApp folder on your desktop software. 


  1. Go to your SWAT RECORDS GKData folder on your desktop computer
  2. Find the field you are having issues with
  3. Under the MapsData folder, find the Elevation.grd, Elevation.gdw & Elevation.COL_TAB (or Lidar equivalents) and select all 3 by holding the CTRL button on your keyboard and clicking on each file (should highlight them)
  4. Next, you can right-click on one of the highlighted files and click on Copy
  5. Go back one file and go into the MobileApp folder, right-click and hit paste
  6. Once all the files are copied in, you can go back into SWAT RECORDS and File Sync