Accessing a shared company/farm account (Desktop)

So you've been granted access to another farm or consultant account. 
In SWAT RECORDS Desktop platform, you will simply click on to the "Login as another user" at the login screen and sign in using your current credentials that you use to access your current account. 
You will then be prompted to "Connect as" where you will select the newly shared account that you will connect to. Once you select the account and sync, you will need to activate File Sync for that account.
NOTE: ​When you go to Configure file sync now, you will have to change the name of the folder slightly. We recommend putting the company name followed by a decimal then (Example: C:\ then hit ok.
On the login screen you will see both login credentials that you can login in back and forth. 

⚠️ You can not delete OR move (drag and drop) files from these folders as it will remove it from the server for everyone! If you need assistance with moving directories or deleting the files from your computer, please consult with first.