Adding Field Scouting Observations (Desktop)

Add weed, insect or disease observations to fields.

NOTE: It is recommended to add field scouting observations using the mobile app. 

Adding Scouting Observations (Mobile)


1. Go into the farm's field. On lefthand side, click Scout Field. 

2. If applicable, past scouting observations for the field will be displayed along the top. 

3. Choose Add New or Copy as New. Copy as New is when there are past scouting observations that are similar to the new scouting observation getting added. 

4. Report Type indicates if the scouting observation timing is pre-seed, pre-emerge, in-crop, general, etc. 

5. Weed Rating gives a general overview of the weed pressure in the field. 

6. Volunteer Rating gives a general overview of the volunteer weed pressure in the field. 

7. Weeds - Add weeds and use the dropdown options, starting with Weed Type. The dropdowns for each subsequent section will be tied to the Weed Type originally selected. For example, if Perennial is selected, the weed name options will include only Perennial weed types. 

8. Insects, Crop Health, and Disease - Dropdown options are tied to the crop that was selected for the field.

9. Comments/Pictures - Add any relevant comments or pictures here. 

NOTE: There is the ability to open pdf versions of field scouting observations on the desktop software. Ensure all scouting observations are synced up and go to the Field Scouting Report page on the desktop.