Adding Spray Jobs (desktop)

Add product recommendations and timings.

Adding Spray Jobs (Mobile)


1. Select any field to begin and click from the lefthand side either: 

A) Spraying (not recommended, this is an older version of the module)

B) Spray Recommendations (recommended, this has more powerful features such as the ability to Add Mixes (commonly used spray mixtures), create spray recommendations for multiple fields, view recent scouting observations for the field, and past history of completed spray jobs.  

2. If there are multiple fields getting the same recommendation (same product, rate and timing), select the "Add Spray to Multiple" Button. If you are only wanting to add 1 field, select "Add Product"

3. Priority: Choose the priority of the spray recommendation. Some fields may be more urgent than others. When creating the Spray Report, there is the option to rearrange the order of spray jobs as well. 

4. Spray Window: Choose if the window is Ready, or the date range. It is recommended to select the Before End Date when creating spray jobs for pre-emergence timing. This will ensure that the recommendation is clear to have been completed before the crop is out of the ground. 

5. Window Details: Comments can be added here. An example note may include further instructions, such as "Wait 72 hours before field work" if the field is recommended to have a pre-seed spray and you want some time to allow the chemical to move through the plant. 

6. Add Product: Choose the product first to view all pre-populated products.  Rates associated with each product is tied to each other, so you must select from the dropdown in order to view the associated Rates, Units and Hours Rainfast. 

NOTE: If a product is missing, email Include the product name, recommended rates, units and Hours Rainfast, if known. 

7. Continue adding more products if the recommended spray has more than 1 product. 

NOTE: It is recommended to add products in a mix in their recommended mixing order, using WALES. You can re-arrange the order how your products are displayed by clicking on the Move Up and Move Down buttons. 

8. Add Mix: If there are certain product mixtures that are common, add them here. 

9. Under the Add Spray to Multiple" module, there is the option to uncheck "Approve". This feature can be useful if you want to add spray jobs without the farmer seeing them yet. For example, a junior agronomist may add the spray recommendations and want to sync up so the senior agronomist can review. They should uncheck the Approve button. This allows the sync to work between consultants, but not viewed by the farmer yet. 

10. To add the spray jobs, click "Add Now" at the top of the screen. Sync up. 


NOTE: From here, it is recommended you create the pdf spray report. To view and edit this, to go Spray Report on the farm's lefthand side on the desktop. Add the fields that have had spray jobs created, re-arrange the order for fields to be sprayed, etc. To view Product Used totals, click Print and choose "Print Herbicide Used Report". It is recommended to include these totals at the end of a Farm Note, which is used to summarize the field scouting trip, recommended products and suggested spray timings.