Connecting to the Climate FieldView API

You must connect with the main account holder. You cannot connect via shared account in FieldView 

Note: If you already have SWAT RECORDS downloaded on your desktop and have enabled the file sync, please continue to step 3

  1. Download the SWAT RECORDS Desktop version
  2. Login to SWAT RECORDS using your credentials that you would have received. If you cannot remember your credentials, please send a request for login credentials or talk to your local SWAT MAPS provider. 
  3. Go into the farm 
  4. In the left hand menu, scroll down to Farm/Grower Settings
  5. Click on Climate FieldView
  6. Click Connect. This will bring you to the Climate FieldView login page.
  7. Once Connected, you will have a SWAT RECORDS message saying your connection was successful. You can close this window.
  8. Go back into SWAT RECORDS click on the Configure button (If it's not lit up, it can take some time for the connection to sync together with the field info from Climate)
  9. In the configure window, you will need to configure the SWAT RECORDS Farm and Fields with the Climate FieldView Farm and Fields
  10. Once you've matched up all of your fields. Select the checkbox on the left hand side for each field you are linking together.
  11. Click on the Actions button
  12. Then click on Upload Standard Maps to Climate FieldView
    1. This will upload all of the map files found in the SWAT RECORDS Mobile App 
  13. If you are wanting to upload Field Boundaries, you can go back to Actions and then Upload Boundaries
  14. If there are any discrepancies between Climate FieldView and SWAT RECORDS, you will find them in Climate FieldView website account under Import > Imagery. You may need to manually re-assign in Climate FieldView 


Note: If you are a new user to Climate FieldView and have NO fields entered in Climate FieldView, when you connect the API together, it will pull ALL of your SWAT RECORDS Fields and Maps over for you when you go to connect. This connection will take a little bit longer to finalize.