Getting Started: Desktop Software

Initial setup for SWAT RECORDS

* Only available for Windows OS.*

Downloading and Setting up SWAT RECORDS

  1. Visit and Download the SWAT RECORDS software.
  2. Run SWAT RECORDS as Administrator. Select Continue to complete the software install. It may prompt you to allow this program to make changes to your system. Select Yes. When complete you should get message that the setup wizard is complete.

  3. Login with supplied Username and Password and select Sync All Farms. The system will sync.
  4. Activate your File Sync
  5. Make sure Windows File Sync Service is running and then run File Sync if it hasn't already.

Congratulations! Your SWAT RECORDS desktop software is ready to use!


  1.  Open File Explorer and select This PC. Open OS (C:).

  2. Select the file. Click on your farm file.
  3. Select the GK Data > (Farm Name) > (Farm Name). (All your fields and file should be listed here)


SWAT RECORDS Support: or contact your nearest SWAT MAPS dealer.