Getting Started: SWAT RECORDS Mobile App


STEP 1 - Contact your SWAT MAPS representative to acquire your Username and Password. An email will be sent to you containing this information
STEP 2 Download the SWAT RECORDS App FREE from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS)
STEP 3 Login with Username and Password supplied by SWAT RECORDS
STEP 4 On home page select Sync Data 
Congratulations! Your SWAT RECORDS App is ready to use!


STEP 1 - Login with Username and Password and Sync Data
STEP 2 - Select SWAT RECORDS tab from main menu and go to Maps and Files then select a field that you’d like to view
STEP 3 - Select each map layer to be viewed and click 2D or 3D Click on the hamburger menu in the corner to switch between the different map layers by pressing and holding the and dragging to the top of the list.


STEP 1 - Select SWAT RECORDS then Soil Test from the main menu
STEP 2 - Select the field to view soil tests

Additional Resources

SWAT RECORDS Support: or contact your nearest SWAT MAPS dealer.