How to activate your File Sync

File Sync is what we use to download the maps to your local device. 
In order to activate File Sync you need to download our desktop software here.
  1. Once you are logged in to SWAT RECORDS, go into File Sync
  2. If it has never been setup you will see a Configure File Sync Now button, click on it

  3. You will have a window that will ask you where you would like to save your files. We recommend you just hit ok and save it on your C:\ drive. It is important to remember where you save this. You cannot easily move this folder once you select where you are saving it. If you move this folder manually into a different location, your file sync will not work as our system won't be able to find the folder if it's moved!

  4. It will then start the File Sync
It is important to run this file sync manually everyday when you are expecting new files.
Note: If you move any files out of the folder, this will remove it from the server and all other devices on the next file sync.