What icons should be on the notification bar?

Checking the indicators on the notification bar can show if the SWATCAM has a data connection.

There are only a few notifications that will be critical to the operation of a SWATCAM; the SWAT POWER app generates one, the SWAT CAM app creates another, and the type of data connection is the third key notification on the status bar.

1) SWAT CAM and SWAT power icons:

These icons are present if the SWAT CAM is configured for normal operation. 

2) Cellular Data Connection and Signal Strength:

These icons will be present when there is no Wi-Fi connection. If you are outside of Saskatchewan, you may see a "R" above the signal bars. The type of data connection may vary depending on the cellular service available in your area. Other icons that you may see besides the "LTE+" shown may include, "H+", "3G", etc.

3) Wi-Fi Signal Strength:

If you have configured your SWATCAM to connect to your Wi-Fi you will see the Wi-Fi connection and signal strength icon in place of the cellular connection indicator.

(See How to connect your SWATCAM to Wi-Fi)

If your SWATCAM does not have a data connection as shown in the image below, please contact us at support@swatmaps.com.