Export results from A&L Data Web and import results into SWAT RECORDS

Once you are logged into your A&L Data Web account, follow these steps to import your test results into SWAT RECORDS:
  1. On the top toolbar, select on “Reporting” then click on the type of results you will be importing. (Example: Soil or Plant)
  2. Click on the blue “Search” button to retrieve your results within the last 30 days
  3. On the left-hand side, select all the results you are wanting to import (You can click the top check box if you’re importing all the results in the list)
  4. Click on the orange “Export” button
  5. In the “Export Format” dropdown box, select on “Extended
  6. Then hit the orange “Export” button 

It will then send a file called “Export” into your downloads. Go to your Downloads Folder and re-name this file to the current date (Example: A&L Export_9-12-2019)
 Once the above steps are complete, go into SWAT RECORDS then:
  1. Click on “Soil Tests” on the left-hand menu
  2. Then select “Import"
  3.  Type in your Import Description (Typically the current date)
  4. You can change the year for your Nitrate history (Fall sampling will be the following year; Spring will be current year)
  5. Click on “Import CSV
  6.  Go to your “Downloads” folder and find the file that you re-named
Note: It should say Importing “x” Soil Tests. If you it gives you an error “Cannot find Sample ID ____” this means that you haven’t setup your sample ID’s correctly or didn’t write down the right Sample ID on your submission forms to the lab. You will then have to go into the CSV and edit the Sample ID name to match what’s in SWAT RECORDS. If you are having other issues, feel free to contact us at support@swatmaps.com .