How to generate Soil Sample Points (Mobile)

Generating SWAT MAPS Soil Sample Points

  1. Once you've ground truthed your field, check the box beside the map you want and click the "Select SWAT MAP" button near the top of the page
  2. Go back to the Main Menu
  3. Click on SWAT RECORDS > Soil Sampling > Select the field
  4. You can then click on Generate Soil Samples
  5. Select Auto Generate 
The auto generation of Sample points may not be perfect, if you need to move a sample point, you can press and hold on the point you wish to move and drag it to the new location. Once you are happy with the move, you can hit the save button. 

Generating Manual Sample Point locations

You will still need to make sure your Farm/Fields are setup already and the File Sync structure has been setup.
  1. Go into SWAT RECORDS > Soil Sampling > Select the field
  2. Click on Generate Soil Samples
  3. Select Add Manual Points
  4. Drive to you location you want to sample
  5. Click Add Point
    1. If multiple points are needed, continue steps 4-5
  6. Once you have completed all of your test locations, hit the save button.