Why does my farm map show me in the ocean?

Sometimes when a boundary isn't setup correctly in SWAT RECORDS, the farm view might show that there is a field(s) in the ocean.

To fix this it will require you to go into the Desktop software as this cannot be fixed within the mobile app. 

  1. First you will need to find out which field(s) is in the ocean
    1. You can go into Fields on the left hand menu in the desktop software and at the top click Map of Fields
  2. Once you know which fields are causing the issue, you can go back to your list of fields and click on the field(s) that is causing the problem. 
  3. Under field regions, you can delete that Field Border
  4. Next you can click on the Add Region and add your boundary shapefile again
    1. Most of the time, the same boundary file that you originally used will work. You simply just need to re-add it and it should fix it.
    2. Once the new boundary file has been added, in the small map window to the right of the field region area should show you your boundary. This is so you can confirm that it's in the right location.
  5. On you're done fixing the affected boundaries, you can go back to the home menu and Sync.