Why are my 3D maps all showing white?

Either you have the Elevation.grd file missing or there's something wrong with it.
  1. Go into your GK Data folders on your desktop for the farm/field you're having issues with. (Croprecords.com\"Company Name"\GK Data\"Company Name"\"Farm Name"\"Field Name"\MapsData)
  2. Copy the Elevation.grd, Elevation.gdw and Elevation.COL_TAB files
  3. Go to the MobileApp folder for this field and Paste those files there. 
    1. If the file already exists, click yes to overwrite the files
  4. You can File Sync so the changes are made on the server 


If you have an Elevation.grd file in your MobileApp folder and you are still seeing just white overlay on the 3D map, please contact support@swatmaps.com.