How to import your soil tests

How to import your soil tests

  1. Go to Soil Tests
  2. Then click on Import Soil Tests
  3. Type in an Import Description (Usually the date it was imported)
  4. Change the year to reflect the cropping year you are entering
  5. Next you can Import. Find your Soil Test file that you downloaded from your soil lab

Soil Labs that are accepted:
AgVise: Must export data via the SSI26 with headers format. You can also setup an automatic import feature using the API.
Next Level Ag Labs: Simple export CSV then import
A & L Soil Labs: Have to export CSV using the Export Format Extended, then import.  You can also setup an automatic import feature using the API.
SGS Agri-food Labs: Simple export CSV then import
APAL: Simple export CSV then import
Servitech - should receive a Modus File that you can import
PEI Analytical Laboratories (PEIAL) Simple export CSV then import
Ag Source - Simple export CSV then import
Element Simple export CSV then import
SASRI - Simple export CSV then import
Midwest Labs - Simple export CSV then import

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