Procedure to add variable rate default acres/maps in SWAT RECORDS

Procedure to add variable rate default acres/maps in SWAT RECORDS

Once you've finished the ground truthing process, you will need to add your selected map and zone acres to as the default in SWAT RECORDS. 

ADMS Preparation

  1. Under the folder Zone Maps, find the SWAT Map that was chosen and make it the active layer
  2. Right-click on the layer selected and hit Save As > BMP with world
  3. In front of the name in the “save as” window, put an “S” and a space in front and then save it into the main field folder (not within any subfolders). Then when making your prescription files it is clear which map is the SWAT MAP.
  4. Move the new BMP file you just made so it is not in a folder.

Setup Default acres/map in SWAT Records

  1. Enter the field you need you are setting up
  2. In the left-hand menu, select on Field Variable Rate Defaults
  3. Go into ADMS and open the “S” BMP file that was made in the “ADMS Preparation” step above.
  4. Click on the Thematic Color icon (rainbow icon furthest to the left).
  5. Double click on the bar graph located in the lower left hand of the thematic color window
  6. Go back to SWAT Records in your field variable rate defaults window
  7. Click on Select File, browse to the folder where the “S” file that you made in the “ADMS Preparation” step above.
  8. Once your map is displayed, click on Paste from ADMS

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