Using the Soil Sampling Logistics (Desktop)

Using the Soil Sampling Logistics (Desktop)

Farm Sampling Logistics

  1. Enter in the Farm
  2. On the left-hand menu, click on Soil Sampling Logistics
Sample? - Check off this box if the field is needing to be sampled
Package - You can manually type in your soil test package that you'd like to use for that field.
Ready? - You would check off this box once the field is ready to be sampled.
Sampled By - There will be a check box here and tag your name to show that it's been sampled and by who it was sampled by.
Last Imported - We use this to column to show us when the most recent test has come in. 

Company Sampling Statistics

In the farms Soil Sampling Logistics page, you can click on the More button at the top and click on Soil Sampling Statistics. This will give you a break down of what is needing sampling, what is ready and how much is done for your company. It breaks it off and shows you by farm. 

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