What soil labs are currently configured in SWAT RECORDS?

What soil labs are currently configured in SWAT RECORDS?

Currently SWAT RECORDS works with the following soil labs: 

AgVise - (API to auto import)
A&L - (API to auto import)
Next Level Ag
SGS Agri-Food
Australian Precision Ag Lab (APAL)
Servitech - Modus Format*
PEI Analytical Laboratories (PEIAL)
Ag Source
Midwest Labs

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      All maps have 10 zones, our standard is that we soil sample so as to make 5 soil sample zones. It can vary upon the size of the field, but a quarter section would typically have 5 geo-referenced points per zone, using 2-3 cores per point, or 10-15 ...
    • What is the SWAT BOX?

      SWAT BOX is a developed autonomous mapping system. The system logs soil electrical conductivity (EC) and elevation data if an RTK GPS system is made available. It can be mounted to trucks, all terrain vehicles, and a variety of Ag equipment and only ...
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      We take pride in high resolution maps so 10 zones are required. This allows enough flexibility to vary rates of product across fields with significant variability. We know some fields with minimal variability may require less than 10 different rates ...
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      In our earliest days we used a Veris machine to collect EC data. Veris EC data is definitely affected by dry conditions. Electrical conductivity can’t flow from one disk to the other without soil moisture. We have since mapped many, many acres of ...
    • How do I login?

      Currently there is no online web platform. We recommend that you download the SWAT RECORDS mobile app that can be found in both the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS devices). Your credentials would have been emailed to you when ...