Setting up my tablet to receive GPS from Bluetooth device (Android)

  1. Enable developer options on your tablet first
    1. Go into your tablets Settings
    2. The go into About Tablet/Phone
    3. Click on Software Information
    4. Then click on Build Number 7 times or until it says Developer Mode enabled
    5. Go back to the settings menu
    6. Go into Developer Options
    7. Scroll down and open Select mock location app and select the your Bluetooth GPS app that you downloaded (Bluetooth GPS or GPS Connector are recommended)
    8. Go back and turn on Force full GNSS measurements
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth GPS receiver
  3. Go into your tablet/phone Bluetooth settings
  4. Pair up to your Bluetooth GPS receiver
  5. Go into your Bluetooth GPS app and make sure you are connected to your bluetooth GPS receiver
You are now ready to use your GPS receiver within SWAT RECORDS!